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DBM Version for 1.14.0 is released!

Release Time: 2022-04-10


  • Support visual build of MongoDB tables Table Type
  • Supports adding the TTL of the table visually TTL Modify TTL Modify Configuration
  • Support data source copy DataSource Copy.png
  • Supports remove the TTL of the table visually TTL Remove TTL Remove Configuration
  • Supports metadata management to change database names Rename Database Database Support Database Not Support
  • Query history supports IndexDB storage
  • Supports deleting a single query history Delete Simple Query History
  • Support metadata management to add columns img.png img_1.png


  • Unavailable data source disallows click action Unavailable Data


  • Optimize the prompt message when deleting only one column in the data table img.png


  • Optimize data source management documentation
  • Add Monitor → Connection docs
  • Add Monitor → Mutations docs


  • Fix the error condition of deleting existing columns

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