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This document describes how to use the query function to query.

Redirect Query

Click the menu in the top menu bar and the next window appears

  • The first Select box is used to Select the service we want to query (our configured DataSource)
  • The second blue button labeled Execute is to execute the operation (after clicking, the executed content will be sent to the selected service for execution)
  • The third blue button labeled SelectExecute is to select a part of the content to perform an operation (after clicking, the selected content will be sent to the selected service for execution)
  • The fourth mark is the SQL source code in the formatting editor (pointing to it will display the button name)
  • The fifth red button marked 'Cancel' is used to stop the query operation (by default, it is non-clickable and can only be used for the query. Note that it does not stop the query specifically in the server, but in the page)
  • The sixth is the history of the query
  • The seventh is to add a new editor window
  • The first green button on the right labeled Quick Query is some shortcut operations for the server. Its sample page is as follows
  • The second blue button on the right, marked as +, is the function of quickly adding DataSource

The components below these button groups are the editors for writing SQL, in which you can write the SQL text to be queried

Execute Query

We execute a query of SELECT 1 = 1

We can see that there is a list of query results displayed below the editor, and its result is to realize the front-end paging function

  • Elapsed Time Shows the time-consuming of this query, which is the specific time-consuming time returned by the ClickHouse server
  • Total Rows Display the total number of rows returned by this query
  • Total Read Rows Display the total number of rows of metadata read in this query
  • Bytes Read Display the total number of bytes of metadata read in this query

It should be noted that each query will build a new query result Tab page

Quick Query

Quick Query currently contains the following shortcut functions

  • DESCRIBE ...
  • SELECT ... LIMIT 100

After selecting them, SQL will be constructed and automatically entered into the currently selected editor


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