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This document describes how to contribute project documents to the repository

The preparatory work

  • Start by Fork the project source code into your own repository

  • Use the following command to clone the project source code locally

git clone<UserName>/dbm 

UserName: This is the GitHub username for the current Fork project, like mine qianmoQ,So the path is

Install dependencies

  • Install the mkdocs tool
pip install mkdocs


Some devices may require Python and PIP installed!

  • Go to the docs directory and install project dependencies
cd docs/

pip install -r requirements.txt

Local debugging


Documentation module local debugging is relatively simple. After completing the install dependencies section, start the local service using the following command

mkdocs serve

After running the command, information similar to the following is displayed:

INFO     -  Building documentation...
INFO     -  The 'extra.alternate' configuration contains a 'link' option that should starts with './' in {'name': 'English', 'link': '/en/', 'lang': 'en'}
INFO     -  The 'extra.alternate' configuration contains a 'link' option that should starts with './' in {'name': 'Chinese (Simplified)', 'link': '/zh/',
            'lang': 'zh'}
WARNING  -  Language 'zh' is not supported by lunr.js, not setting it in the '' option
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
INFO     -  Translated navigation to en
INFO     -  Translated navigation to zh
INFO     -  Building en documentation
INFO     -  Building zh documentation
INFO     -  Documentation built in 1.71 seconds
INFO     -  [14:17:46] Serving on

This marks the successful startup of the service. Open the browser to to see the local site that has been published



We recommend that your cloned code rebuild a branch based on the master for code submission
Build a new branch command git checkout -b <BranchName>

  • Document Contents

assets: Resource files (images, files, etc.)

development: Develop relevant documents

reference: Software usage related documentation

release: Release related documents

  • Modify the mkdocs.yml configuration file and add the configuration under the nav entry


For example, to contribute a test related document, the default file name is and the file path is docs/

The modified configuration is as follows

  - Test: docs/
  • Internationalization name configuration (we'll use the Chinese example), add the configuration under the nav_translations entry
  zh: # What is marked here is the internationalization configuration of the relevant document
    Test: Test
  • Internationalization document


Internationalization documents simply need to add the internationalization abbreviation to the original file, such as our default,The internationalization file in Chinese is

Submit code

Once the document is written, we use the git push command to submit the written file to a personal repository, and then submit a Pull request to the develop branch of the remote repository for administrator review. The merge will be automatically posted to the official site


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