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Druid (Experimental)

Apache Druid

It is mainly used to describe how the software builds the Apache Druid data source for subsequent operations.

System requirements

>= 1.21.0

Supported Versions

Version Tested?

Supported versions

Most versions have been tested, please submit issues for non-adapted versions.

Created a Source

After entering the data source management page, click the Add data source button.


Select the Apache Druid icon in the Basic type (The last one).

After selecting the type, click the Next button at the bottom to configure the relevant information.


Supported protocols

  • HTTP

HTTP Protocol

HTTP Protocol

Use the HTTP interface provided by Apache Druid to connect to the service.

Parameter Description Required Unique Default
Alias The alias of the data source, which will be displayed later in the selected data source on the page Yes Yes
Host The host of the Apache Druid server Yes Yes
Port The port of the Apache Druid server Yes Yes 8123

When we have configured the above parameters, click the Test button at the bottom. If the service can be accessed normally, the OK button can be used. Click it and it will be saved.


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