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The query history function is mainly used to mark some of our query records for each data source.

Move the mouse to the top menu Query and wait for the drop-down options to appear, click History to enter the query history interface, which is similar to the following page

Query History

On the top right side of the page we can see the button, which is used to clear all the query history, when clicked, the query history displayed here will be cleared!

Field Description

Field Meaning
ID The MD5 tag generated by this query is used to mark the uniqueness of this query
Server The remote service tag (i.e. the data source) of the query call
State The current query status, 1: query failed, 0: query successful
StartTime Query the start timestamp
EndTime Query the end timestamp
ElapsedTime The total time spent on this query (in milliseconds)


In the list, we can see that we use special colors to highlight the records that failed to query


Get query ddl

The button is used to view the SQL statement of this query

Query DDL

Query error

⚠ The button is used to view the error information after this execution fails, it only takes effect after the query fails

Query Error


The button is used to delete this query record



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