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DBM Version for 1.12.0 is released!

Release Time: 2022-03-18


  • Support visual construction of data table and configuration of optional parameters
  • Add data source list to display service version information
  • Add editor execution status feedback
  • Add ancillary information such as execution result and time
  • SQL shortcut keys can be executed by Ctrl+Enter #102
  • Support for data source maxTotal configuration (experimental) #102
  • Add SHOW PARTITIONS quick query
  • The EXPLAIN command is supported
  • Metadata management delete data table supports quick input of table name


  • Add contributing software documentation guide


  • Optimized the display of metadata management disk usage
  • Merge Query Select the query & query function


  • Fixed data source not paging problem in quick query
  • Fixed the problem that metadata information cannot be distinguished due to multiple selections
  • Fix top menu style exception
  • Fix the problem that the metadata operation node is not refreshed #101


  • New data source window layout
  • Add nine editor themes
  • Execute button to add shortcut key prompt


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