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DBM Version for 1.4.0 is released!


  • Set the default maximized window


  • Support migrate data
  • Support for building Log engine tables
  • Support display Track DDL
  • Support the Track input box to obtain the focus display
  • Support Windows system construction
  • Support track query execution thread
  • Support data source query times to be displayed on the dashboard
  • Add query link tracing visualization
  • Support multiple query windows issues-12
  • Supports obtaining the occupied space of columns through… …
  • Supports data source modification
  • Support display table usage when the database is selected
  • Support service nodes to display database disk usage
  • Support service nodes to display disk usage
  • Support Data construction of left tree menu issues-20
  • Supports the monitoring of mutations operation


  • Fix metadata selection library table causing data rendering errors


  • Support the mutation consumption duration
  • An optimized


  • Add auto release version CI script


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