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DBM Version for 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT is released!


  • Add a logo to menu
  • Replace the code editor with vue-codemirror
  • Add release timeline to index
  • Upgrade the default versions of Vue (2.5.10 -> 2.15.3 +) and electron…
  • Optimize the presentation of process monitoring chart


  • Support the construction of data source selection protocol
  • Optimization software icon (Round)
  • Support query history Pagination
  • Supports text query selection Issues-13
  • Support multiple query results display
  • Add how to contribute documentation
  • Add software website
  • Add top menu overload application shortcut function
  • Support general configuration of global editor
  • Support developer mode application icon display
  • Support sql format
  • Query history supports copying SQL
  • Replace debug mode prompt
  • Support users to authorize users to access Clickhouse
  • Add connection monitor
  • Add one click refresh data source
  • Support query progress display DDL
  • Support stop running query


  • Fix query history data not refreshed
  • Fixed the problem of rendering without query history
  • Fix unselected service executable query
  • Fix query history order error


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